Perfect Imperfection

By working primarily in reclaimed and recovered wood, A.J. Nicholls is constantly faced with voids, knots and rot as he turns what is considered flawed and unusable wood. Rather than fight against them by cutting them out or turning them away, A.J. finds the beauty of the imperfections and strives to accentuate their rough textures, intricate grain, and unusual colors.

This approach is coupled with an adventurous style that spans an array of designs and techniques. The forms he creates are primarily informed by the shape of the wood rather than blueprint, and the methods he uses range from using a blow torch to burn out rot, to metal reactive paint, to using crushed stone or powdered metal inlays to repair cracks. The result of this loose and bold approach is that A.J. has amassed an eclectic and entirely unique body of work.


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A.J. Nicholls is based in the Pacific Northwest and primarily works  with sustainably harvested or salvaged local wood...

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